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Last Updated: March 17, 2022, 17:23 IST

Google is buying this startup as per reports.

Google is buying this microLED startup in its bid to develop AR and VR devices that can be worn and also offer efficient performance for the user.

Google aspires to make an armoury of AR and VR devices with its reported acquisition of a new startup called Raxium. Google has broad plans for itself in the augmented reality (AR) segment, where it needs both the software and hardware. And the news report claiming Google is acquiring a startup that makes microLEDs is a move in that direction.

Google is likely to rely on Raxium’s expertise to develop its own set of AR and VR glasses or headsets in the future.

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The report does not give details about the money Google is paying to buy this startup, because of which Google is yet to officially comment on its acquisition.

Google Glass was a product that probably came ahead of its time, which is why the device was shelved for a later date. The company tried different possibilities with the Glass but its use case weren’t very appealing.

Even on the business side, Google Glass integration into healthcare felt like a move into the future. But Raxium is going to help Google make more Google Glass-like devices, and its specialty will aid Google’s cause to make it cost-effective and usable for a longer duration.

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MicroLED as a technology is in its nascency, mostly deployed in big screen models that you see as wall-mounted signages. Raxium on its website claims its clients include companies from varied sectors like entertainment, education, and medicine among others.

MicroLEDs have the potential to become the go-to material for new class of smaller and powerful display products, the company mentions. But the encouraging bit about MicroLEDs is that even though the display will be powerful, the technology itself is energy efficient, something that is paramount for any device that will be worn over the face.

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We’ll probably hear more about Raxium and Google’s plans with the startup in the coming months.

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