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Xiaomi likes to reveal its technology pipeline before it is ready for commercialization and its new Smart Glasses stick with that familiar script. Just about any tech fan who takes a look at the embedded video below will want to get their hands on this device or something similar. However, while a completely working product, the company has not revealed any pricing or availability at this stage.

The Xiaomi Smart Glasses employ some truly bleeding-edge technology. While the glasses include a camera like the recently revealed Facebook x Ray-Ban sunglasses, they go much further and cross well into the territory Google once explored with its Google Glass. The glasses incorporate optical wavelength technology in the right hand lens to refract light from its tiny display that is, according to Xiaomi, about the size of a grain of rice. 

As if that wasn’t already impressive enough, the display itself is made using state-of-the-art microLED technology — this is not to be confused with the mini-LED technology that Apple and others have used in IPS LCD panels recently. Instead, it is more akin to OLED technology with each pixel being self-lit. Each pixel, in this case, is a miniscule 4μm that combines to produce a monochrome image for maximum efficiency. Incredibly, Xiaomi claims the display can reach retina scorching 2 million nits.

The Xiaomi Smart Glasses are powered by a quad-core Arm-based chip and weigh in at just 51 grams. Xiaomi says it imagines a future where smart glasses could replace smartphones by offering much of their functionality. In this case, Xiaomi says its Smart Glasses can display messages and notifications, make calls, navigate, capture photos and translate text. We will certainly be keeping our eyes peeled for more news from Xiaomi regarding any launch plans and pricing details.

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