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Google Glass is back; with improved specs and a reduced price Google proves it is refusing to give up on this tech –

Google Glass Enterprise 2 is intended to help businesses and employees become more productive. (Image Source: Google)

Google has announced the next generation Google Glass – called the Glass Enterprise 2. The improvements show the evolution of the device from the Original Glass through to the Glass Enterprise launched in 2017. Changes to the device improve its usability for firms while a reduc…….

The Fascinating True Story Behind The Failure Of Google Glass – SlashGear

With the Google Glass Enterprise Edition limited to factory workers, trainers, and technicians, Google currently doesn’t have a similar product for the general public. But things could change with its upcoming AR Glasses, which could be the spiritual successor to Google Glass. Having learned from Google Glass’ failure, its upcoming smart glasses don’t capture video or …….

Google Glass Is Dead; Long Live Smart Glasses – MIT Technology Review

There’s no ignoring the prism-like display on the current version of Google Glass. It juts out from the frame and sits just above your eyeball. When the display is on, other people can’t fail to see the bright little mirror image of what you’re looking at. Even when the display is turned off, rendering the prism a clear block in front of your right eye, it’s impossible to forget about. …….